Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR

Build and deploy rich web apps on your desktop

Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that gives both developers and general Mac users a whole slew of new abilities when it comes to running web applications. View full description


  • Slick animations
  • Access to loads of original web apps
  • Uses up little memory


  • Some errors still when installing


Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that gives both developers and general Mac users a whole slew of new abilities when it comes to running web applications.

Allowing developers to create new web applications using HTML, XML, JavaScript and Flex, Adobe AIR is a truly flexible and multi-faceted tool. Developers are not limited to using Adobe's library either. Instead they can create, share and use their own in order to create web applications of their choosing.

If you're a general Mac user, Adobe AIR gives you access to new and exciting rich internet applications (RIA). These can be run straight from your desktop, which is highly convenient. These types of programs also use very little memory, generally launch quickly and possess very slick looking animations and graphics. All you have to do is take a quick peek at Adobe's Showcase Gallery to see just exactly what's being developed for Adobe AIR. Some of these innovations include a Google Analytics reporting suite, a Twitter desktop client and a movie directory tool.

It is possible that Adobe AIR might give you some errors, particularly when it comes to installing new apps.

Overall, users will likely be impressed with Adobe AIR's ease of use and the impressive looking apps that are being created for it.


  • Mobile Workers (concurrency) - Android: Workers APIs are now supported for Android. This will work only with swf-version 22 (namespace 3.9) or later. The feature is in development and there are a few known issues.
  • Support for background execution in Direct render mode - iOS and Android: Presently AIR on iOS and Android does not support background execution when render mode direct is set. Due to this restriction, Stage3D based apps are not able to execute background tasks like audio playback, location updates, network upload/download etc. iOS does not allow OpenGLES/rendering calls in the background. Applications which attempt to make OpenGL calls in the background are terminated by the iOS. Android does not restrict applications from either making OpenGLES in the background or other background task (like audio playback). With this feature, we would be allowing AIR mobile apps to execute in background when renderMode direct is set. AIR iOS runtime will throw an error if OpenGLES calls are made in background. However no error will be thrown on Android, as Android native apps are allowed to make OpenGLES calls in background. It's recommended to not make rendering calls while app is executing in background as its important to utilize the mobile resources judicially. List of Stage APIs which may throw the error 3768 - The Stage3D API may not be used during background execution".
  • XXHDPI (144x144) Icon Support - Android: With this feature we have added support for beautiful, high resolution icons on devices such as the Nexus 10.
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Support: We have tested against the latest developer releases of OS X 10.9 and are ensuring that Flash Player continues to perform as expected.
  • Mac .pkg Installation Support: Deploying Flash Player and keeping it up to date is a critical task for system administrators worldwide. We’re introducing a new .pkg installer format for our distribution partners so we can reduce their workload by allowing them to deploy Flash Player for Mac using their current tools and environments.

Adobe® AIR™ (formerly code-named Apollo) is a cross-operating system runtime that allows web application developers to use their existing web development skills (HTML, Javascript, Adobe Flash®, Adobe Flex™, Ajax) to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.

Adobe AIR


Adobe AIR

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