Adobe Air

Adobe Air

Build and deploy rich web apps on your desktop


  • Smooth animations
  • Access to loads of original web apps
  • Uses up little memory


  • Quality of AIR-based apps may vary


Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that opens up much more possibilities to both developers and everyday computer users.

Adobe AIR allows developers to create new web applications using HTML, XML, Javascript and Flex. What's more they aren't limited to using Adobe's library, but can create, share and use their own to create specific web applications.

For users, Adobe AIR gives access to new and exciting rich internet applications (RIA) which can be run straight from their desktop. These use very little memory, are usually quick to launch and execute and have very smooth animations.

A quick visit to the Adobe Showcase Gallery and you get an idea of the sort of applications that are being developed for Adobe AIR: a Google Analytics reporting suite, a Twitter desktop client, a movie discovery tool and much more. Of course, you can also find apps that are not that good, but thankt to Adobe AIR the possibilities are endless and really depend on the creativity of developers.

Adobe AIR contributes to the web app revolution by helping designers and developers create all sorts of Internet-based apps.

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Adobe Air


Adobe Air

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